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In the Studio: I have been teaching yoga and flexibility for over nine years. I can be found weekly at Studio 7 in Tulsa, OK, where I teach Slinky Stretch, Handstand Hacks, and Pole. I am passionate about injury prevention and safety for people who like to hang from their arms, balance on their hands, and bend their bodies in weird ways. I am an advanced flexibility instructor and have experience working with people of all ages and skill levels. I love helping people smash their goals! 

On the Stage: I began performing when I was 11, when I played Jip the Dog in a production of Dr. Doolittle at the Spotlight Theatre. Growing up, I received opera vocal training and sang in jazz and classical choirs in high school and college. Since I began honing my aerial and pole skills, I have combined my love of the stage with my love of movement to perform feats of strength and flexibility. I recently joined Inspyral Circus, and with them I perform on stilts and silks, among other things! 

About Kelsey: About
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