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Are you an aerialist or pole dancer who wants to learn some stuff? Are you somebody who wants to become more flexible or mobile? You can take regular classes with me at a few locations in Tulsa or hire me for a private lesson!

A quick note about working with me: I do not only work with athletes! I LOVE helping people reach mobility and flexibility goals of all shapes and sizes. You do not need to be able to already do ANYTHING before you see me, just bring a good attitude and I'll bring the knowledge! 


Let's take some time to focus on you! Together, we will ensure that your training maximizes your ability to reach your mobility and pole dancing goals. 
Private lessons  $50/hour
Pre-recorded custom videos start at $80/20 minutes



- Slinky Spine 
- Legs for Days
- Tricky Tricks
- Injury Prevention for Pole dancers and Aerialists



You can find me every week at Studio 7 teaching flexibility, handstands, and pole. Come play with us!

If general mobility is more your speed, I can be found at Cultivate Strength on Tuesdays at 5:30. 

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Teaching: Testimonials

I couldn’t even get my feet off the ground the first day [of spin pole] and with your consistency and encouragement, I can now pull myself up for a split moment and I know it will just continue to improve over time. You’ve also really helped me work both sides of my body and not just gain strength on my dominant side. In handstands, I feel like you have helped with my confidence in trusting my body. You encourage me to try things that I never thought I would be able to do.

Kierra- pole, flexibility, and handstand student

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